How did this come about...

During the Congressional Hearings to approve Brett Kavanaugh I was distraught. I watched Dr. Ford answer questions with dignity, strength, and honesty. I cried. A lot. I couldn't stop thinking about my daughter, she's only 3, but at some point I'll have to tell her how to try to keep herself safe from predators. I'll have to tell her how to carry her keys when she is walking down the street so that she can use them as a weapon.  How she should watch her shadow when she is walking at night to make sure no one comes up to grab her from behind.  How she should never set her drink down at a party or bar.  The "how to" list is endless when it comes to protecting our daughters. It shouldn't be that way.  It just shouldn't.

During the days that followed the hearing I began to try to figure out what I could do right now to help effect change for the future of my daughter and all the other women, sisters, mothers, and daughters who have been afraid for their safety at some point in their life. I own my own screen-printng company in St. Louis, so printing a shirt was an obvious choice. Once I came up with my slogan the ideas started rolling in…

  • Offer customers the option to buy a second shirt to send to a politician of their choice (1 shirt per politician, we don’t want to create excess waste).
  • Put the slogan on a postcard and include it with each shirt. The customer can then write to whatever politician they want and include their own personal message.
  • Keep in mind the people who make shirts. I knew I wanted to use a shirt that was ethically and environmentally conscious and helped support women; AllMade Apparel does just that. They use US grown cotton, recycled plastic bottles to make their polyster, provide safe and comfortable working conditions and pay an actual living wage to their workers in Haiti (3-4x the going rate for similar work). And their shirts are amazingly soft.
  • Lastly donate 50% of the profits to the ACLU to help fight Trump's attacks on people's rights.

    Special thanks to the talented photographer Lisa Fioretti for helping capture the stunning images on our website.  Find more information about her here.
    Thanks for your support. 
    Amanda Gray-Swain